Happy Birthday, Isabella 🌼

Isabella: A name rich with royalty. Izzy has her kingdom alright, and even more so, a legacy.

Izzy came into my life in such a funny way. My little sister – Britt – had just stepped into middle school and met her newest friend, a boy-crazy blonde who never seemed to calm down between laughs or sports talk. Me being a concerned older sibling thought this girl was bad news. I mean, the girl’s Twitter handle is @Izztitz after all.

I said little to Britt about it because I knew how close they had become, so I didn’t want to come down on her too hard for it. I know what it’s like to have your older sister disapprove of your best-friendship – it sucks, but that’s a story for another time.

But as the years went on, I was proven so incredibly wrong. Yes, Izzy was crazy, but I never realized how much I could like someone for shamelessly being themselves. It’s something that some people are blessed with – endless amounts of energy pouring from within. Everything about Izzy was contagious, and that’s how her story began to blossom just like the daisies she claimed as her trademark thing.

Her also trademark laugh.

Home, school, EDM shows, and more…she’d built a community of people who adored her. Izzy was busy giving no effs and having her world fall into place as it does for those who authentically allow it to. She was a genuinely good person always putting her best foot forward to make life worth being alive for.

On December 13, 2014, Isabella was taken from us entirely too soon. A star snatched from the sky – leaving the world a little darker, for we’d gotten so use to her light. Everything stopped when she told us goodbye. I could barely look Britt in the eye. No person likes to see their sibling cry with no explanation of why.

Life is precious. Thank you, Isabella, for living by example. I hope this birthday is one of your best ever. We’re thinking of you, always.


Izzy’s vigil where we saw a shooting star, and Shan’s tattoo of 19 daisies in the right-hand corner…Izzy was 19.


Izzy & Britt the night Izzy wandered up into the sky.

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