Sunday Feelz 10.29

I’m thankful for the days I can crawl out of bed with my blanket wrapped around my head…the days I squirm over to the couch to plant my ass down for the day…the days I’m surrounded by roommates, who are the best people to sit around and do nothing with because it still feels like you’re doing something.

It’s tough knowing I’m giving up normalcy. At this moment, this is the only thing I can imagine myself doing. It’s a beautiful day, and I’m tempted to hang up the hammock somewhere, but it’s also a scary thought to think about leaving the house right now. So I think I’ll just stay here instead.

I could be hammocking. I could be reading. I could be running. I could be out there living.

Wasting precious time.


Note: This was written on Sunday and posted on Tuesday. Deal with it.

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