Shove This Into Your Vocabulary

Defenestrate: to throw someone/something out of a window.

Example of use: Boy you betta get out the fuck out ma house before you’re defenestrated.

If you’re wondering, this was submitted to the 16 Thoughts Down podcast I participate in at work with my mentor, Frank (not the example, that one was all me). We used to do vocab words. This one lady let us know she binge-listened to 16TD on this random Thursday and had this wonderful word to share with us. There’s something amazing about someone contacting you out of the blue wanting to share things with you. Defenestrate – it’s almost a sentence in one word – roughly what our 16TD listener said.

What’s your favorite vocab word? Teach us something new.


(Wait so I searched “out window” on and this came up:

oh my goodness.gif

While you’re at it, listen to this song while watching ↑ this:

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