SO Ready for This Weekend

Shan and I are a part of a Special Olympics volleyball league in Cheshire, Connecticut, USA.

It’s our second year doing it. We practice every Wednesday from October through mid-November to prep for our final tournament, which is going down this weekend. It includes a series of 15-minute games, lunch, and an award ceremony…but the real reasons we do it are for the camaraderie, laughs, true sportsmanship, and to have FUN of course!

We’d like to give you a peek into one of our practices.

No matter what happens after a serve or a volley, we always encourage each other to try our best and harder the next time. I can honestly say I’ve never been accepted quite like I am at Special Olympics. Whether we know each other really well or not, we’re all in it for the right reasons – that’s all that matters. The good vibes make it totally worth it.

When’s the last time you tried something new that turned out to be better than you expected?


Quick pic of me & our friend Zesty ridin’ dirty.

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