Fluctuating Hopes & Possibilities

Uncertainty is taking its toll on me. I’m learning the hard way to dump all expectations because they have nothing to do with what actually unfolds.

I’ve been taking it one day at a time while the move to Europe is right around the corner and things have continued to get more complicated.

I almost got a job abroad at work…sort of. Allies agreed to follow the idea and maybe see it to fruition, but I think it’s already been stopped by an HR department far, far removed from my needs. They shrugged their shoulders and decided it was too complicated. Disappointment sucks.

If I had a chance at staying with my company, I’d be in Scotland or Belgium. I’ve distanced myself from the idea ever since I was turned down back in August and was just warming back up to it. I’d find a new purpose with work. Things would be so much more secure.

So, if I don’t stay with work, it’s really up to the survival skills to kick in. Shan and I will have to find our way with little-to-nothing except the stubbornness we have to make this move a successful one.

Each and every How I Built This podcast episode I’ve listened to and other success stories I’ve read all have one theme in common: the risk. The crazy refresh of life from confusion and dreams into a brand new world. We don’t choose the lives we’re born into, but we can choose to start them over once we’ve finally learned what could propel us into the next one.


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